Have we learned any lessons from Oct. 7?

Early in the morning on Oct. 7, a well-planned attack was carried out by breaching what was considered one of the most secure borders on the planet. The net result was the murder of more than 1,400 Israelis, the largest sexual assault in recorded human history, and the kidnapping of more than 200 innocent victims by the terrorist organization known as Hamas.
These depraved individuals used motorcycles, trucks and even aircraft to drop in to the unsuspecting civilian population, wreaked havoc and committed unspeakable atrocities.
While Israel is eradicating Hamas form Gaza, what have we learned from the border breach, if anything?
How vulnerable are communities along the southern border to drug-related gangs who can easily cross back and forth?
Will it take a catastrophic event like the Hamas invasion before we decide to do something?
The videos taken by Hamas show just how coordinated their attack was that fateful day. Even though Israel had fencing and concrete barriers about three feet high, Hamas cut the wires and had pre-built ramps ready to drop over the concrete barriers so they could easily drive in to Israel.
They not only breached the border, but they committed unspeakable acts and returned to the safety of the tunnels and population of Gaza.
If such an attack occurred at our southern border, would the perpetrators be able to accomplish the same escape back to Mexico?
The answer is yes. In many places in Mexico, there is no organized government. The cartels call the shots, and if they needed to strike fear in a population along the border, it would be all too easy to do so.
The reason they haven’t is probably related to what Israel is doing in Gaza right now. The cartels know that a heavy-handed response would ensue.
But why wait until after the atrocity to decide to be properly prepared?
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is committed to the complete destruction of Hamas, and if he tried to settle for anything less his government would bounce him like a rubber ball.
Unlike our system, the Prime Minister of Israel can be removed by a vote of their Parliament.
Should such an action happen here, a limp-wristed president is not so easily removed.
So far, the strongest language that has come from President Joe Biden is a stern warning not to take advantage of the situation.
In addition to that, he is trying to force the Israelis to respond in a surgical manner which will put the Israeli Defense Force in harm’s way and lead to even more Jewish casualties in an effort to appease the terrorists by claiming Israel needs to seek a two-state solution.
How do you do that when the theme of your adversary is to completely remove Israel from the face of the Earth? Their geography books don’t even have Israel on it.
Have we not heard that Texas was once a part of Mexico? Could it also be said that the current Texas residents are “occupiers?”
There is only one reason Mexico hasn’t attempted to retake Texas or any other territory lost to the United States. They would be squashed like a bug.
Only American might secures our liberties from those who seek to take them from us.
Only American might keeps Iran from funding terrorist attacks.
Only American might keeps Russia from invading its neighbors.
Only American might keeps China from trying to overtake Taiwan.
So far, the lack of American might has led to the invasion of Israel, the invasion of Ukraine, and quite possibly before the next election the invasion of Taiwan.
World wars are not averted in the halls of the United Nations. To the contrary, the UN has turned a blind eye to the rape victims in Israel and is more apt to take Iran’s view of events in the Middle East than the view of Israel.
In our own streets, the failures of mainstream media and the absence of academic enlightenment has led to indoctrination of victimhood, and the very minorities and sexually diverse are marching to support a group of people that would slit their throats to the throngs of cheers in the streets of Gaza.
The women marching for Palestine would be shot in the street if they attempted a march in Iran.
Are we learning anything from this tragic day that will either be looked upon in history as the day the world united to end terrorism, or the day that planted the seed for World War III?
When Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914, few believed at the time it would spark a world war.
But it did.
When Adolf Hitler annexed the Sudetenland in 1938, few believed it would spark a world war.
But it did.
Have we learned anything from history? Or will we be doomed to repeat it?

Editor | watt@kaninfo.com

Earl Watt is the owner and publisher of the Leader & Times in Liberal, Kansas. Watt started his career in journalism in 1991 at the Southwest Daily Times. During his career, the newspaper has won a total of 17 Sweepstakes awards from the Kansas Press Association for editorial content and 18 Sweepstakes awards for advertising. Watt has been recognized with more than 70 first place awards for writing in categories from sports and column to best front pages, best sports pages and best opinion pages. Watt is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and is the descendant of several patriots who fought for America's freedom and independence.