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Kansas new open enrollment law makes some school districts cranky

The bipartisan Open Enrollment legislation signed into law in 2022 offered hope for students who are trapped by their zip code in underperforming school districts.  The law requires districts to accept students within…

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Sorry, we don’t need to buy Charles Curtis’ house

Charles Curtis, the Topekan who served as vice president under Herbert Hoover, is a Great American Story worthy of remembering and one of which Kansas can be proud. But as…

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Laura Kelly will keep your money – again

Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s veto of HB 2036 was entirely predictable.  We’ve heard the same excuses as she vetoed every income tax bill placed on her desk since 2019 – it’s not…

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REPORT: $3.91 million in assets seized in Kansas criminal cases in 2023

TOPEKA – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) recently provided the 2023 Kansas Civil Asset Forfeiture Report to the Kansas Legislature, and released it to the public. Civil asset forfeiture is a procedure…

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