From the Legislature

When freedom haters say democracy is at stake, they’re lying

When policies are so bad they can’t be defended, candidates will still seek to hold on to power. Without a successful record, they have to create a reason to reject…

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What will Kansas do with its extra $3 billion?

While you struggle to make ends meet in Kansas, the state government has felt no ill effects of the inflation, or at least its bank account hasn’t.Thanks to the overprinting…

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If they say they’re moderate and they’re here to help, be wary

Voters need to be wary of new initiatives that use terms cloaked in unassuming words like “nonpartisan”, “middle-of-the-road” and “common-sense”. They’re almost always anything but. And ever since far-left pro-abortion…

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Kansas ACLU pushes Legislature for more crime, more potheads

Law and order in Kansas? Pshaw, says a recent column from the bow-tie wearing but tuxedoless head of the Kansas ACLU. Kansans want more pot and more crime. Why, they…

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