Legislature should go for the win with the Chiefs

Kansas has a rare opportunity to become the home of the world champion Kansas City Chiefs. The Kansas legislature should commit to this effort like it was a last-minute Super Bowl-winning touchdown drive. The legislature will be considering options to attract the Chiefs during a special legislative session that is set to begin June 18.

Since this country’s founding, government has been involved in managing the economy and markets, so it is appropriate to collaborate between public and private entities to make this happen.

I cannot be convinced that this would be anything but a great economic and cultural opportunity for the entire state of Kansas. The associated development that would be assured to occur alongside the stadium project is a given, so if STAR bond funding is used, new tax dollars would pay for the construction project.

As time goes on, the return on investment will be there. The popularity of the NFL is showing nothing but growth in interest. This is the right time and of course, there is no better team to bring to Kansas than the Chiefs.

Dan Thalmann is the owner/publisher of the Washington County News and is a Past President of the Kansas Press Association. He has won numerous journalism awards in many categories over the years, including multiple awards as the best mid-sized weekly newspaper in Kansas.