Biden not fit for presidency, now or with upcoming election

I’m not going to say much about President Biden, because frankly, it feels cruel to pick on an elderly man who is struggling with the physical and mental implications of rapid aging.

President Biden is no longer capable of leading our country. In a world with historic and grave threats facing us, America needs a leader who can step up to each and every challenge. We need a leader who can guide the ship through the constant torrent of storms and turbulence.

With Biden, we’re now paying more attention to whether he can actually walk down steps, or find his way off stages, or speak in complete sentences, rather than focusing on his governmental policy or leadership. The office of the president tends to quickly age the individual holding the office and it has surely done so with Biden.

I don’t agree with much of anything Biden stands for, but I want to pay due respect to the office and the office holder. But it is obvious, Biden can’t handle much more of this.

This is not how I should be writing about our President.

Dan Thalmann is the owner/publisher of the Washington County News and is a Past President of the Kansas Press Association. He has won numerous journalism awards in many categories over the years, including multiple awards as the best mid-sized weekly newspaper in Kansas.