Trump facing political charges, and nobody is jumping ship

Donald Trump will be facing criminal charges in New York, and nobody seems to care.

That says a lot about what is actually happening, who is doing the prosecuting, and why it means very little to anyone.

Over the weekend, former White House Press Secretary for Bill Clinton and now ABC News propagandist George Stephanoupolos asked New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu about his support for Trump even though Trump is facing criminal charges in New York.

Sununu pointed out that 51 percent of America is supporting Trump, and that he is one of them.

Poor George couldn’t believe it. And Sununu tried to explain why George was having such a problem.

“I understand you’re part of the media,” Sununu said. “I understand you’re in this New York City bubble or whatever it is. But you’ve got to look around at what’s happening across this country. It’s not about just supporting Trump. It’s getting rid of what we have today. It’s about understanding inflation is crushing families. It’s understanding that this border issue is not a Texas issue. It’s a 50 state issue, right? That has to be brought under control. It’s about that type of elitism that the average American is just sick and tired of. And it’s a culture change. That’s what I’m supporting.”

Still, the Democratic Party operative couldn’t accept the reality that Trump was a better option than Biden. Despite all the damage done, George wanted this to be about all the allegations against Trump personally rather than about Biden’s failed policies.

So good old George continued to carry the water.

“So just to sum up, you would support him for president even if he was convicted in classified documents?” Stephanoupolos asked. “You would support him for president, even if you believe he contributed to an insurrection? You support him for president even though you believe he’s lying about the last election? You’d support him for president even if he’s convicted in the Manhattan case? I just want you to say the answer is yes, correct?” And Sununu gave the answer that not only boils old George, but also the rest of the ultra liberal base.

“Yeah. Me and 51 percent of America,” Sununu said.

But George and his friends at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN believe they can sway 2 percent to change their minds. They believe they can convince Americans that local Democratic prosecutors and state level operatives can get convictions.

They might even be right.

They might get a politically motivated prosecutor and a politically motivated judge and a politically motivated jury to actually reach a guilty verdict.

And what the far left cannot understand is how little that will mean to the American people who see the abuse of the court system.

The left was counting on everyone believing Trump, after a lifetime in business and never having been charged with any crime, would be soundly rejected by the voters, paving the way for Joe Biden’s re-election despite the crushing economic conditions, the open border, the wars across the globe and all the other policy failures of this administration.

You won’t see good ol’ George talking about the policy failures of the Biden administration, or the foreign money flowing to the Biden family, or the illegal possession of documents found in Biden’s garage next to the Corvette and several other locations.

Instead, you are supposed to listen to what they are telling you about Trump.

Don’t forget, George also made a false claim that Trump was found guilty of rape.

When interviewing Congresswoman Nancy Mace who has endorsed Trump, Stephanoupolos said, “Judges and two separate juries have found him liable for rape and for defaming the victim of that rape. How do you square your endorsement of Donald Trump with the testimony that we just saw?”

Except Trump has never been found guilty of rape, and Trump is suing George and ABC for defamation.

The Federal Election Commission and the Department of Justice both examined claims about Trump’s campaign funds and found he had not committed a crime, but Alvin Bragg in New York is claiming he did commit a federal crime to try to dovetail his misdemeanor charges into a felony.

But you’re not supposed to look at that. You are supposed to listen to George and his lies and accusations and innuendos.

But you don’t care. 

You do care about the price of groceries. And gas. And a mortgage.

But you won’t see those being discussed on the evening news, because those don’t fit the narrative that you have to be exposed to on a daily basis — Trump is facing so many charges he has to be guilty of something.

And you (and 51 percent of America) don’t seem to care if he is. As a matter of fact, you expect that the Democratic machine can extract a guilty verdict somewhere.

George believes his side has won if it does. But the American people are saying there has to be a culture change in Washington, D.C. because the Democrats have overplayed justice. Going to hotbed Democratic strongholds to file “trumped” up charges is now expected.

You aren’t listening, and it’s driving George and his ilk crazy.

Thank God the American people are thinking for themselves.

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Earl Watt is the owner and publisher of the Leader & Times in Liberal, Kansas. Watt started his career in journalism in 1991 at the Southwest Daily Times. During his career, the newspaper has won a total of 17 Sweepstakes awards from the Kansas Press Association for editorial content and 18 Sweepstakes awards for advertising. Watt has been recognized with more than 70 first place awards for writing in categories from sports and column to best front pages, best sports pages and best opinion pages. Watt is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and is the descendant of several patriots who fought for America's freedom and independence.

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