Kansas lawmakers give their take on Biden SOTU

Senator Jerry Moran: “With three years of policies to stand on, the American people have ample data to assess the state of the union under President Biden’s leadership. Is America more prosperous, safer or unified?

“The American people were assured that inflation was transitory, but the high prices at the grocery store and the gas pump seem like they are here to stay. ‘Bidenomics’ reminded us of what we already knew – spending billions of dollars to reduce inflation only leads to higher prices for the everyday American.

“There is a national security and humanitarian crisis at the southern border. President Biden and his administration have been derelict in enforcing the laws that already exist and which would make our nation undoubtedly safer today. The current state of chaos at the southern border is nearing a breaking point. Our border patrol are overwhelmed; drugs and people are being trafficked into our country; families are losing loved ones to fentanyl poisoning and our cities are aren’t able to house and provide for thousands of migrants. President Biden must take immediate action to fortify the border, slow illegal migration and apprehend criminals.

“In addition to the crisis at the border, we are dealing with an internal crisis of rising violent crime. Criminals have learned that their actions will not be punished, and law enforcement officers are no longer revered but reviled. I will always back the blue and use my authority in Congress to provide our law enforcement with the equipment and training they need to faithfully execute their mission and protect our communities. 

“In the midst of a divided Congress, support for our veterans has been unwavering. I was pleased to hear President Biden mention and address the success of the PACT Act for our nation’s veterans. The bicameral and bipartisan legislation has allowed thousands of veterans to enroll in VA health care to detect and treat illnesses caused by toxic exposures during their service.

“Gridlock in Washington is frustrating, but not new. The members of Congress are as diverse in their ideas as the people they represent, but our basic priorities, I hope, are the same – safety, prosperity and unity. Even as we approach an election season and continue working in a divided Congress, I urge President Biden to work with the House and the Senate to secure the border, lower prices and restore safety in our communities.”

Senator Roger Marshall: “Tonight, Joe Biden gave his final State of the Union address. America watched as he tried to rewrite history as part of a last-ditch effort to save his political future that’s in free fall.” Senator Marshall said. “The fact of the matter is, there is no amount of ‘spin’ Joe Biden can give that will hide the damage he’s done to our nation: destroying a recovering economy, a secure border, and an energy-independent nation. His vacuum of leadership has allowed war through weakness and empowered Russia, Iran, and the Chinese Communist Party to sow chaos throughout the world.”

“In Joe Biden’s America, we are less safe, and the American dream is further out of reach by the day,” Senator Marshall said. “Mr. President, actions speak louder than words, and your actions have proven you are not up for this job. November cannot come soon enough.”

First District Congressman Tracey Mann: “Kansans and Americans across the nation tuned in last night in the hope of hearing our Commander in Chief address the crippling crises facing our country and tell us how he plans to fix them. Instead, they heard a self-serving monologue full of half-truths and empty promises. He even failed to discuss China taking advantage of our country and U.S. agricultural producers. This Administration has failed on the world stage, creating one foreign policy disaster after another, and the repercussions are posing threats to America’s food supply, energy security, and freedom. 

We need to secure our southern border, cut government spending to fix inflation, and reinstate American energy and food independence by supporting our producers here at home. 

It’s time to put America’s best interests first.”

Second District Congressman Jake LaTurner: “Joe Biden’s presidency has resulted in three years of American decline. Open borders, high prices, and violent crime are wreaking havoc on families and communities across our state.

Instead of leveling with the American people, the President used his final State of the Union Address to distort the truth, blame others for his failures, and double down on the left’s broken agenda. Kansans deserve better than to be gaslit by their Commander-in-Chief.”

3rd District Congresswoman Sharice Davids: “Tonight, I was looking for President Biden to share his plan for tackling the greatest challenges, both at home and abroad, that impact hardworking Kansans and our nation. Kansans are frustrated with Washington and are demanding solutions over partisanship. Republicans and Democrats working together is the only way forward, and I was glad to hear the President’s commitment to bipartisan cooperation. I’ll hold him to that promise.

“Although I did not agree with everything the President said, I appreciate his attention to lowering the cost of groceries and prescription drugs for Kansas families, defending reproductive freedoms and our democracy, and protecting Social Security and Medicare. Also, safeguarding our nation’s security requires a humane and just end to conflicts abroad, along with bolstering America’s competitiveness against countries like China and securing our southern border — priorities mentioned tonight that I’ll continue working toward in a bipartisan manner.

“Lastly, I invited Brian Newton, a veteran and small business owner, as my guest to showcase the difference Kansas veterans are making, both during their service and once they return home. Kansas’ best future depends on building an economy that works for everyone. That’s why I passed legislation to support veteran entrepreneurs like Brian and am pushing for efficient implementation of Congress’ major bipartisan accomplishments from the past three years. Communities and families are relying on us to fulfill our commitments, and that’s what I intend to do.”

Fourth District Congressman Ron Estes: “Kansans deserve better than what Joe Biden tried to tout as accomplishments in tonight’s State of the Union – an open border, Bidenflation, historic debt levels, disregard for human life and a failure to advocate for America abroad is nothing to brag about.

I believe in our nation and our people, but Americans know that the state of our union can be improved, which is why I will keep pushing to secure the border, rein in reckless Washington spending, recharge the economy and support American jobs through sensible trade and tax policies.”

Dane Hicks is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico, VA. He is the author of novels "The Skinning Tree" and "A Whisper For Help." As publisher of the Anderson County Review in Garnett, KS., he is a recipient of the Kansas Press Association's Boyd Community Service Award as well as more than 60 awards for excellence in news, editorial and photography.

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