Playing the victim card damaging to those who really suffer injustice

It’s amazing that those who inflict pain on others believes themselves to be victims.

It starts with husbands who batter their wives and respond by saying, “See what you made me do?” No one deserves to be assaulted, and yet the battering husband claims to be the victim, forced to become abusive. It’s disgusting.

I’ve recently heard someone compare herself to Jesus, claiming she knew how Jesus felt by being “stabbed in the back” by someone she trusted.

Perhaps people like this believe they are Jesus, and their “supporters” are actually disciples of theirs.

More than likely the “stab” in the back was probably a dose of honesty about the person’s behavior, but those who claim to be the victim rarely evaluate their own behavior. It’s always someone else who “forced” them to say these crazy things.

Of course, some may believe the trinity is actually a quartet with the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and them.

It’s also disgusting, but it permeates more than just families and churches. 

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in a recent interview blamed the border crisis on Republicans in Congress rather than taking responsibility. He is simply the victim of Congress not acting.

“It certainly is a crisis and we don’t bear responsibility for a broken system, and we’re dealing a tremendous amount within that broken system,” he said.

Yes, the head of Homeland Security said “we don’t bear responsibility” for protecting the United States. 

It’s his job, but he is the victim.

Forget the fact that we have a record number of border crossers in the millions since he became Secretary. Forget the fact that other people doing his job did not allow such crime to take place at the border.

Mayorkas is the victim of bad legislation.

The same can be said of Joe Biden, who after a scathing report by Special Counsel Robert Hur showed he willingly withheld classified documents but couldn’t be convicted by a jury because he is “an old, well-intended man with a bad memory,” claimed to be the victim of an overaggressive investigator.

Forget the fact there wouldn’t have been a special investigator if Biden didn’t have documents he shouldn’t have had. Forget the fact that Biden couldn’t remember key dates, like when he was vice president or when his son died.

No, those are meaningless. He is the victim.

But much like those who claim to be wronged, even to the point of the betrayal of Jesus, they do exactly what they are projecting on others.

Biden’s Department of Justice, for the first time in U.S. history, is charging a previous president and current leading political rival.

Donald Trump is accused of felony-level crimes for having documents even though every president back to Ronald Reagan negotiated with the DOJ and National Archives for years about document retention. Even Bill Clinton. Even Barack Obama. And apparently, even a vice president in Joe Biden.

Biden is maliciously using the DOJ against Trump, and he claims the victim when his own shortcomings are pointed out.

The Jesus comparison is key, because those who believe to be the “victim” like Jesus miss two very critical points.

First, Jesus was blameless. But these victim claimers believe they are blameless, too.

They aren’t. None of us are.

Any time someone claims to “know how Jesus feels” is a narcissist. They see themselves as perfect like Jesus, and anyone who might have a concern with them is Judas. They literally believe they are the Messiah to those around them. And if anyone disagrees — “Judas!”

Biden is doing the same thing. 

His “inner circle” betrayal in his mind is Attorney General Merrick Garland. Biden believes Garland never should have allowed an investigation in the first place, but once the process was started, Biden expected Garland to insure a squeaky clean report.

When that didn’t happen, some have shared under condition of anonymity that Garland’s job was in jeopardy or at the very least Garland would not be retained if Biden wins re-election.

To be fair, Trump has also claimed to be the victim, but since many of the charges against him are unprecedented, and since he was a multi-billionaire business man under the microscope for decades and never accused of a crime, he may actually have a case to some degree.

Why is it that some people believe they are never to be questioned or can do no wrong?

At least Clinton offered an apology after he was impeached for lying under oath.

But those who hurt others tend to flip the script.

Victimhood is always used to mask failure and missteps.

A simple apology would go a long way.

“We could have done better at the border,” or “I have made some mistakes when I spoke” would go much further than the blame game and playing the victim card.

There are true victims, like the cops attacked by illegal immigrants, women in abusive relationships and even churchgoers who dare ask questions.

These people have a real case to make, but they are marginalized by false claims of victimhood.

Those on the ivory tower simply don’t have the ability to self-reflect. They surround themselves with blind supporters and only listen to their echo chamber.

Beware of being the victim. Make sure you’ve taken a look inside before thinking you were wronged by someone else. Examine if you are somehow responsible.

And don’t — don’t — ever compare your hurt to that of Jesus. None have sacrificed more or been wrongly abused more than Christ. Your perceived pain will never be used to save the entire world from its sins.

Pretend victims can’t see their own hypocrisy.

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Earl Watt is the owner and publisher of the Leader & Times in Liberal, Kansas. Watt started his career in journalism in 1991 at the Southwest Daily Times. During his career, the newspaper has won a total of 17 Sweepstakes awards from the Kansas Press Association for editorial content and 18 Sweepstakes awards for advertising. Watt has been recognized with more than 70 first place awards for writing in categories from sports and column to best front pages, best sports pages and best opinion pages. Watt is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and is the descendant of several patriots who fought for America's freedom and independence.

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