AFP-Kansas Responds to State of the State Address, Outlines Bold Legislative Agenda

Topeka, KS – Americans for Prosperity-Kansas (AFP-KS) issued a statement in response to Governor Kelly’s State of the State address urging the Governor to embrace a forward-thinking vision that will increase opportunities for every Kansan.

AFP-KS State Director Elizabeth Patton said the following:

“The priorities outlined by Governor Kelly in the State of the State address will take Kansas backward, at a time when we need to embrace bold, forward-thinking policies that lift up everyone.

“Comprehensive tax reform has the potential to accelerate prosperity and innovation while benefitting the lowest income earners. After vetoing smart, responsible tax reform last year, the Governor continues to push piecemeal measures and an antiquated tax bracket system that burdens low- and middle-income families.

“Instead of pursuing healthcare solutions that improve patient access, the Governor is unsurprisingly doubling down on efforts to expand the state’s broken and overburdened Medicaid system, a move which will ultimately lead to less-reliable healthcare for the most vulnerable Kansans and drain the state budget.

“Governor Kelly should pursue meaningful reforms that create opportunity and a better quality of life for Kansans. AFP-KS has put forth a robust legislative agenda that tackles the most pressing issues our state faces, including healthcare, energy, and tax and budget reforms, and we will continue to work with lawmakers and our vast grassroots network to make Kansas the best place to live, work, and raise a family.”

AFP-KS’ 2024 comprehensive legislative agenda maps out the road to prosperity for the Sunflower State and includes meaningful policy solutions in the following areas:

  • Tax reform
  • Energy
  • Budget Reform
  • Education
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Healthcare
  • Constitutional Protections
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