‘Bipartisan’ needs an asterisk in Kansas

Let’s just get something straight.

When the left-wing media in Kansas promotes an article by including the word “bipartisan” in the headline, you should be skeptical.

I suppose the technical definition of that word is fairly precise. Bipartisan means something involves agreement or cooperation between two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies.

But in Kansas, the word should usually include an asterisk.

At least this is the case for the recent announcement of Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s $1 billion, three-year tax reform proposal.

Governor Kelly announced the legislation on Monday along with two Republican senators, an independent senator, and other elected Democrats. But we need to get a little more specific about this group.

It included:

• The Democratic Governor

• Senator Rob Olson, a Republican not seeking re-election

• Senator John Doll, a Republican not seeking re-election

• Senator Dennis Pyle, a former Republican, who turned independent, which allowed Gov. Kelly to defeat Republican gubernatorial candidate Derek Schmidt in the last election

• and a room full of House and Senate Democrats.

That should tell you a little something about this legislation.



A closer review of that claim should tell Kansans this is BINO (Bipartisan In Name Only) legislation and it doesn’t deserve our consideration.

Dan Thalmann is the owner/publisher of the Washington County News and is a Past President of the Kansas Press Association. He has won numerous journalism awards in many categories over the years, including multiple awards as the best mid-sized weekly newspaper in Kansas.