Sharice Davids’ vote supports ICC arrest warrants against Israel

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Third District Congresswoman Sharice Davids broke from most of her state delegation and 45 members of her own party Tuesday when she voted against a measure that would initiate sanctions against members of the International Criminal Court and associated individuals if they take part in an investigation or arrest of a U.S. ally – primarily Israel – after recent assertions by the United Nations-connected court.

The vote was in response to an announcement May 20 by the ICC’s prosecutor, Karim Khan, accusing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yoav Gallant, and three Hamas terrorist leaders — Yehya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif and Ismail Haniyeh of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the ongoing war in Gaza Strip and Israel. The move brought widespread condemnation by most nations in support of Israel against the terrorist group, which murdered some 1,200 Israeli civilians, women and children, in an October 7, 2023, border attack, then retreated to Gaza with hostages to start the present war. Hamas has surrounded its military installations with civilians hoping to gain public relations value from their deaths as Israeli’s moves against those tactical objectives.

As part of the United Nations, the ICC action follows the approval earlier in May of a resolution among UN members to allow Palestinian membership to the UN, even considering Palestine’s connections to terrorist organizations and its lack of a government or administrative structure.

AP Photo/Peter Dejong

The House Bill passed by a vote of 247-155 with two Republicans, Massie of Kentucky and Davidson of Ohio, voting “present,” with 16 Democrats and 11 Republicans not voting – among them 2nd District Kansas Congressman Jake LaTurner. Representatives Ron Estes and Tracey Mann voted for the measure. All votes against the measure were Democrats. LaTurner’s office did not return emails seeking regarding his absence on the measure.

Davids’ office refused to answer directly when questioned on her justification for denying the measure, effectively siding with the ICC against Israel, or whether she believed her vote reflected the views of her constituents in the 3rd District. Spokesman Zac Donley said Davids supports Israel’s right to defend itself against Hamas and that all sides should prioritize the protection of innocent lives, release of hostages and delivery of humanitarian aid.

Coined the “Illegitimate Court Counteraction Act,” the bill authorized broad actions to be taken by the President’s administration against anyone associated with an act which would “attempt to investigate, arrest, detain, or prosecute any protected person…” with regard to prosecuting a U.S. ally, including confiscating or freezing property or assets located in the United States, would make such foreigners ineligible for visas or admission into the United States, and would automatically cancel any valid visa or other admission documentation in that person’s possession.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the target of an arrest warrant for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Israel’s counter attack to an October 7 attack on Israel Hamas that killed 1,200 civilians./Al Jazeera

Davids and other extreme leftists in Congress have repeatedly voted not to support Israel after the attack by Hamas last fall. Davids supported withholding aid from Israel,  voted against immediately freezing all Iranian assets in the outlaw nation’s support of the Gaza terrorists and opposed aiding Israel when Republicans sought to replace support funding by reducing the budget of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Davids’ 3rd District is composed of Anderson, Franklin, Miami, Johnson and part of Wyandotte counties.

Dane Hicks is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico, VA. He is the author of novels "The Skinning Tree" and "A Whisper For Help." As publisher of the Anderson County Review in Garnett, KS., he is a recipient of the Kansas Press Association's Boyd Community Service Award as well as more than 60 awards for excellence in news, editorial and photography.