Lady Ballers will make you laugh your parts off

With the Daily Wire’s release of “Lady Ballers,” someone’s finally made a comedy providing apt mockery of those who think men have a right to bully their way into women’s sports. 

And amid the cacophony of illogic that pervades this modern push to mainstream the non-factness of trans ideology, the film isn’t just hilarious – it’s a dose of sanity for those of us witnessing a trans-priority world gone absolutely and ridiculously insane.

For Kansas and the other 17 states that have so far approved specific bans on men competing in women’s sports (seeing those words in a story never ceases to look like a copy error), “Lady Ballers” is even more vindication of traditional reality in what has become the silliest and at the same time one of the most impacting debates in modern culture – that men’s innate physical advantages in strength, size speed, weight and leverage give them advantages in most all sports over women, and that a sense of basic fairness alone should keep them from invading women’s sports regardless how much they “feel” like a woman.

And while the Leftist culture that now dominates mainstream media, the entertainment industry and hip multi-national corporations – even the venerable Walt Disney Company – wail that the embrace of such logic “attacks” and “assaults” people for “living their truth,” Lady Ballers rips at the nouveau woke fabric of illogic with some of the funniest gender conflict gags since Milton Berle (some of you may have Google him…).

“In a world where women’s sports is being trans-formed. The Daily Wire calls ‘foul’ with the most triggering comedy of the year,” the announcer thunders, Cecil B. Demille-like, in the trailer for Lady Ballers. “If you can beat them, join them.”

The tale was written by Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing who also stars in the movie, which to the delight of Daily Wire fans is replete with character performances by the DW podcast personalities who’ve driven the once obscure news and culture media effort founded by Boreing and Ben Shapiro into the fastest-growing conservative media organization in America. Boreing plays a former state champion high school basketball coach shackled and defeated by woke culture and unable to bring out the best in either his players or himself due to the constraints of the Leftist chokehold now dominating public schools.

But woke culture itself creates an opportunity for Boreing and his has-been champions from 15 years ago. Modern trans politics prevents the sports world from blowing the whistle on men competing against women, and the plan to reassemble the old team and re-seize their old glory – even if they have to take it from girls – comes together with mocking hilarity. The players get rewarded with not just the adulation of the crowds but with cash too – from lucrative sponsor deals bestowed by woke nobility seeking women’s cosmetic and hygiene product companies. One player parodies transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney featuring his “Day One of being a girl athlete” video blog.

The plot’s filled with constant digs at the silliness of men and women attempting to switch sexes and the expectation that the world accept them as something they clearly, scientifically and factually are not – as well as the assumption of these non-facts by public schools and popular culture. The flavor is reminiscent of the irreverent gonzo humor of National Lampoon, whose epitaph so many of us thought was written during the Obama era, and the boys’ scheme continues until something – no spoiler here- happens to set things right.

But woven into the humor is the obvious serious message – this ludicrous acceptance of non-fact for the sake of “equity” has real victims – and it’s displayed every time a real female opponent in this flick gets leveled, smashed, dropped, stuffed or otherwise dominated by men who are clearly physically superior. Outside the pass it all gets by woke culture and the sainthood granted trans men by the political Left, the outright bullying of women by men comes across crystal clear.

Boreing gives a graphic illustration of how the high priests of pop culture have turned away from protecting women. Leftists now see it as diabolical to consider that trans men shouldn’t take over women’s sports, cutting women off from scholarships, honors and the recognition female athletes have sacrificed to pursue since elementary school. The Left has found what it believes to be the Holy Grail of victim groups to champion, and has turned women – and the women’s movement – out into the cold.

The film culminates with a resolution of conscience among the men – one  sadly lacking among those who’ve abandoned women athletes in real life. And it illuminates a clear sense of pride for Kansas and residents of other states that have seen this wrong and set about legislatively to right it.

Daily Wire hits a three-pointer with Lady Ballers, which for common sense-embracing Kansas is yet another reason to purchase a membership to the conservative media site to see tons of additional outstanding content by some of the boldest champions of conservative culture. Find more at

Dane Hicks is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and the United States Marine Corps Officer Candidate School at Quantico, VA. He is the author of novels "The Skinning Tree" and "A Whisper For Help." As publisher of the Anderson County Review in Garnett, KS., he is a recipient of the Kansas Press Association's Boyd Community Service Award as well as more than 60 awards for excellence in news, editorial and photography.