When freedom haters say democracy is at stake, they’re lying

When policies are so bad they can’t be defended, candidates will still seek to hold on to power. Without a successful record, they have to create a reason to reject the opposition.
The recent reiteration of this is to paint the opposition as a risk to democracy itself, that no matter how bad life is now, it could be much worse under the dictatorial control of the opposition.
Currently, there are calls that if Donald Trump were re-elected, it would be the last election ever in the United States.
If Donald Trump is elected, camps will be installed and filled with anyone who disagrees with him.
If Donald Trump is elected, it will be the beginning of World War III.
He will use the government against his political opponents.
He will be compromised by foreign money.
He will allow Vladimir Putin to expand Russia, and China will go unchecked.
Strangely enough, it is Joe Biden who may be ushering in World War III, and it is Biden using the government against his political rivals. It is Biden who is compromised by foreign money, and it is under Biden’s leadership that Putin invaded Ukraine, and China is on the verge of bringing action against Taiwan.
But pay no attention to any of that because democracy is at stake.
Trump was already president, and he won after these outlandish claims were made. We even spent the majority of his presidency chasing a wild goose claiming he was working with the Russians when all along it was Hillary Clinton who was working with the Russians to create a fraudulent dossier to distract from her also illegal server in the basement.
Did Trump once ever go after Hillary? Did he instruct his attorney general to file charges?
Trump has proven through his actions that he has not and will not use the government as Biden has done to go after his political enemies. He knows more than anyone how unamerican it is to do such a thing.
Did Trump show any weakness to Putin?
Putin took Crimea when Barack Obama was president, and he is attempting to take Ukraine during Biden’s presidency.
But when Trump was president? Not a thing.
Iran also understands the difference and is taking advantage of the compromised Biden to attack Israel.
Under Trump? Not a thing.
It is true that Trump believed there was widespread fraud during the 2020 election, just like Al Gore thought he was cheated out of the 2004 election, just like Hillary thought she was cheated out of the 2016 election.
For years Democrats claimed Trump was “not a legitimately elected president.”
Did any of them face charges for questioning the results of 2016?
Not a one.
In an interview with Shawn Hannity last week, Trump was asked if he would enact retribution or be dictatorial if he were re-elected.
His answer, which was a clunky one, said, “Only on Day 1. I will close the border, and we will drill, drill, drill.”
It’s not retribution nor dictatorial to secure the border. It’s a constitutional requirement, something Biden is violating each and every day, something I believe to be an impeachable offense.
It’s not retribution nor dictatorial to remove Biden’s executive orders hampering energy production in the United States which has been one of the leading motivators of inflation.
Reduced energy costs will have a direct effect on the cost of transporting goods.
Of course, the dishonest media ran with his response, “Only on Day 1.” They left out his reference to securing the border and removing restrictions on energy production.
That’s why they can’t be trusted.
There’s also the fact that the Constitution protects against tyranny with the separation of powers. A president is not an elected dictator, although Biden has tried to make it so. He has tried to unilaterally forgive federal student loan debt with no such authorization from Congress. The courts have stricken those attempts as another check on executive authority.
Biden has ignored federal law at the border, which is not only a dictatorial move but also a very dangerous one.
But court cases have limited his inadequacies by curtailing his border policies.
Trump, nor any other president, has dictatorial power. George Washington and the founders created the unique office in such a way that it can never become one.
Throw in term limits, and there is no way Trump, nor anyone else, can become a dictator.
If the polls are a true indicator of next year’s election, Trump will be re-elected, and he will serve four years. That’s it.
There will be an election in 2028, and someone else will become president.
There will be midterms in 2026 to determine the control of Congress.
A recent article on cnn.com, quotes a book called, “Tyranny of the Minority: Why American Democracy Reached the Breaking Point,” by Steve Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt. Trump haters all, the authors claim that the Constitution is antiquated and must be replaced.
I’m sure they would prefer a pure democracy rather than a republic. In a pure democracy, no rights are guaranteed. In a republic, the individual stands supreme, above the state. In a democracy the people exist for the benefit of the state. In a republic, the state exists to benefit the people and to protect them from mob rule.
When the media and others push this anti-democratic jargon, they don’t want you to see how bad leadership is doing. They want you to give up your rights to them. They hide their mob in the guise of democracy, because the Constitution limits them. And they hate it.

Editor | watt@kaninfo.com

Earl Watt is the owner and publisher of the Leader & Times in Liberal, Kansas. Watt started his career in journalism in 1991 at the Southwest Daily Times. During his career, the newspaper has won a total of 17 Sweepstakes awards from the Kansas Press Association for editorial content and 18 Sweepstakes awards for advertising. Watt has been recognized with more than 70 first place awards for writing in categories from sports and column to best front pages, best sports pages and best opinion pages. Watt is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and is the descendant of several patriots who fought for America's freedom and independence.