AFP Kansas illustrates the pain of “Bidenomics” with gameshow “The Price Isn’t Nice!”

OVERLAND PARK – Americans for Prosperity-KS took the dark comedy route recently to illustrate the household financial impacts of Bidenflation with a show called “The Price Isn’t Nice!”, a part of AFP’s multi-state Bidenomics tour.

“Under Bidenomics, the price of gas, groceries, and other common goods are skyrocketing,” said Dana Stancavage, regional communications manager with Stand Together. “During the event, Kansans won prizes by guessing whether the prices of various items have been affected positively or negatively due to “Bidenomics.” 

The Biden Administration is making the American dream unaffordable for many with overall prices are up19.8%80% of Americans saying high prices are one of their biggest financial challenges, and more than 60% of people living paycheck to paycheck, Stancavage said.

Mike Sylvester channels “Price is Right” icon Bob Barker for an edition of “The Price Isn’t Nice,” a gameshow presented by Americans For Prosperity illustrating the price differential of various consumer purchases before and after the Biden Administration.

AFP-KS State Director Liz Patton said it’s no secret President Biden’s economic mismanagement had forced more struggle on Americans.

“Under Bidenomics, the price of gas, groceries, and other common goods are anything but nice,” Patton said. “Not only do top-down policies termed ‘Bidenomics’ make the American dream unaffordable, but it also makes everyday life harder for Kansans. Data shows U.S. families need an extra $1,074 each month to afford the same quality of life they had before.”

She said Americans for Prosperity would continue using its grassroots base to talk to Kansans daily and hear from them how high prices are a top concern.

“By holding fun events like we did this, we not only bring awareness to the problems, but we bring solutions both from a policy and practicality perspective,” Patton said.

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