Watch here tonight for live analysis from Earl Watt as the debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden takes place. Update often to get the newest reactions.

9:50 — Immediate responses after the debate very negative for Biden based on his apparent age. Biden camp says Biden had a cold. Democratic operatives characterized to be “in full meltdown.”

9:39 — Post debate analysis: No knockout blows by either side, which leans to Trump who is currently leading most polls, and Biden should be able to remain on the ticket, which might be another benefit for Trump.

9:33 — Spin room predictions: Biden’s mean look and use of “the idea.” Trump’s calm demeanor. Biden’s voice that sounds very old.

9:31 — Second commercial break, Biden gets another final word. Hmmm.

9:27 — Trump, Biden spar over their golf game. Trump says “let’s not act like children.” Biden responded with “You are a child.”

9:22 — Biden continues to refer to “the idea” while explaining why he is not tool old to be president.

9:09 — Biden says tax the rich more to cover Social Security, Trump said Biden is putting millions of illegal immigrants on social security and medicare.

9:03 — Going to have to start counting Biden’s use of “the idea.” That is his retort to everything Trump said.

9:01 — Biden tries to sell that inflation came from Trump and his approach to COVID. Fact was Biden inherited 1.5 percent inflation and it ballooned over 9 percent in a year under Biden.

8:52 — FACT CHECK: Snopes this week stated that Trump said Charlottesville that racists and white supremacists were terrible. Trump missed a chance here to reinforce that, and CNN used that as Biden’s last word before the commercial break.

8:47 — Biden goes to the gutter claiming president slept with porn star while Trump’s wife was pregnant. Gloves are off, but Trump still not taking the bait.

8:36 — Biden’s voice has definitely diminished. So far Trump staying on point and not getting in to a mudslinging like Biden is trying to do by calling Trump a liar.

8:33 — Foreign policy concerns about Ukraine not looking good for Biden.

8:21 — Trump neutralizes abortion question by stating the people can now vote their heart in each state.

8:14 — This might be an early standing eight count. Biden is reeling from early questions about the economy.

8:08 — Biden claims no loss of military life under his administration? 13 in Afghanistan at the gate killed.

8:03 — Joe Biden already looked old walking in.

7:59 p.m. – We are about ready to go. Let the debate begin!

6 p.m. — Talking heads across the networks giving spin on how to determine who wins tonight. Most agree on one thing, these two guys don’t like each other.

2:28 p.m. EARL WATT — It will be interesting to see which Donald Trump shows up tonight, the one with a vision for the future and the right position on policies or the one who can’t avoid trading barbs.

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