Love and War: GOP members more likely to date across party lines

Bipartisan Bae: 4-in-5 Kansas Singles Open to Cross-Party Dating.

  • Kansas Republicans more likey to date Democrats than vice-versa.
  • Interestingly, singles in 2024 ‘battleground’ voting states are more open to dating across political lines.
  • Interactive heatmap showing the number of ‘independent’ daters in each state.

Scroll across any dating app nowadays, and you’ll spot the usual wish list: a kind heart, loyal soul, and an appetite for adventure. But tucked between the emojis and the selfies with puppies, a new deal-breaker is trending: a refusal to date someone who supports an opposing political party. As our politics becomes more and more politized, it would appear that the heart is taking sides, and ‘independent’ romantics – those willing to date beyond party lines – are dwindling.

However, a recent poll by offers a glimmer of hope. They surveyed 3,000 singles to find out just how many are truly politically colorblind in Cupid’s game. It’s a quirky, election-year exploration of love’s new battleground—where politics and passion collide…

Encouragingly, the poll found that over 4-in-5 singles in Kansas (81%) remain open to dating across the political spectrumThis was above the national average of 63%. 

Daring Daters: Notably, the willingness to date across party lines varies widely by region. In Delaware, for instance, a mere 9% of both Democrat and Republican singles are sticklers for same-party sweethearts, which means a staggering 82% are game for a mixed-political mingle. 

Dakota’s Dating Divide: In contrast, South Dakota shows a much lower propensity for bipartisan romance. Only 29% of the state’s singles consider themselves ‘independent’ in their dating choices, displaying a preference for partners within the same political party. 

Interactive heatmap showing how many ‘independent’ daters there are in each state (click on ’embed’ to host on your site).

A deeper look into the dating data revealed the following insights:

Conservative Cupids: When it comes specifically to Republican singles, a striking trend appears. Particularly in North Dakota, a significant 50% show an unwillingness to step across the political aisle for romance. On the other hand, Republican singles in Kansas display a greater openness, with just 4% indicating they would not entertain the prospect of dining with a Democrat. In general, a modest 17% of Republican singles nationwide said they would not be prepared to go on a Democrat date.

Liberal Love: Democratic singles seem comparatively less amenable to crossing party lines for a date, with 20% saying ‘no’ to dating Republicans, slightly higher than their GOP counterparts at 17%. In South Dakota, this trend is even more pronounced, where 43% of Democrat voters are unwilling to consider Republicans romantically. Meanwhile, in Utah, Democratic singles are much more flexible, with only 8% saying they would swipe left on a Republican – possibly a pragmatic choice given the limited dating pool. In Kansas, Democrats are more reluctant to date across party lines than Republicans, with 15% indicating they would not be prepared to.

Caucus Crush: Among the fascinating findings of the study is the link between states with a high rate of politically open-minded singles and those identified by analysts as key battlegrounds in the upcoming 2024 election. The consensus among experts suggests seven critical states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Intriguingly,‘s poll indicates that nearly all these states, except one, boast a larger or average share of singles who are ‘independents’ when it comes to dating:

In the context of 2024’s pivotal “Battleground of Hearts”:

  • Arizona sees 63% of its daters willing to cross party lines.
  • Georgia has 62% open to bipartisan dating.
  • Michigan reports a substantial 67%.
  • Nevada also shows an impressive 71%.
  • North Carolina presents 63% open-minded singles.
  • Pennsylvania takes the lead with 72%.
  • Wisconsin features 65% ready to date across the aisle.

It’s encouraging to see that many singles are looking beyond political affiliations when seeking a partner,” says Amber Brooks of “Our findings suggest that while politics are a defining aspect of our identity, they don’t necessarily dictate our personal relationships. Even in an era of polarized political views, love still has the potential to unite us.”

Casey Richardson – Craft Agency Group

Casey Richardson is a digital creator, the owner of Craft Agency Group, and a former account executive at Yelp.

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